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Ryanair lennot Lappeenranta

Flights to Lappeenranta

Europe's biggest low cost carrier Ryanair is flying to Lappeenranta from different destinations in Europe.

Ryanair flies to Lappeenranta from Milan Bergamo as well as from Athens and Thessaloniki in Greece. The newest destinations are Berlin and Budapest.

Austria’s number one low cost airline, Lauda, will open new route between Lappeenranta and Vienna in spring 2020. New route will be launched at the end of March 2020 and will operate twice a week.

Connecting transfers to and from the airport to hotels in Lappeenranta and Imatra region:
See timetable here for hotels in Rauha and Imatra.
See timetable here for hotels in Lappeenranta city center.


Timetables of the flights April 2019 onwards:

Milan, Bergamo


Milan, Bergamo 16.20 - Lappeenranta 20.25

Lappeenranta 20.50 - Milan, Bergamo 23.00


Milan, Bergamo 17.10 - Lappeenranta 21.15

Lappeenranta 21.40 - Milan, Bergamo 23.50

Athens (summer season)


Athens 8.00 - Lappeenranta 11.50

Lappeenranta 12.15 - Athens 16.05

Thessaloniki (summer season)


Thessaloniki 15.15 - Lappeenranta 18.45

Lappeenranta 19.10 - Thessaloniki 22.40


Berlin (year-round destination)


Berlin 07.25 - Lappeenranta 10.45

Lappeenranta 11.15 -Berlin 12.35


Berlin 06.00 -Lappeenranta 09.20

Lapeenranta 10.00 - Berlin 11.20


Budapest (year-round destination, starting 27 oct)

Thursday and Sunday

Budapest 17.00 - Lappeenranta 20.30

Lappeenranta 20.55 - Budapest 22.35

Subject to change. Timetables should always be checked at the Ryanair´s website. 

Tickets can be bought at www.ryanair.com


Lappeenranta Airport

Lappeenranta Airport is in the immediate vicinity of the city centre. Located next to the border between the EU and Russia, Lappeenranta Airport is only two kilometres from the city centre, a distance easily covered by car, bus or even on foot. Lappeenranta railway and bus stations are also within walking distance of the airport.

The airport is just 30 kilometres from the international border-crossing point of Nuijamaa on the border of Finland and Russia, and Vainikkala international railway station is the same distance away. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, St Petersburg, can be reached in under two hours by train. St Petersburg and Lappeenranta are served by the daily express train Allegro. From Lappeenranta harbor you can cruise to Vyborg, Russia - visafree.

Helsinki - Lappeenranta 220 km
Lappeenranta - Imatra 35 km
Lappeenranta - Mikkeli 109 km
Lappeenranta - Savonlinna 156 km

By car

The airport is along highway 6, making it easily accessible by car. Learn about the ample parking facilities at the airport here.

By bus

It is easy to get to the airport on local buses. Bus no. 4 takes you from the centre of Lappeenranta to the airport and back. Read more about local public transportation. The closest express bus stop to the airport is at Leiri, near the crossing of Lavolankatu and Helsingintie.

Connecting transfers to and from the airport to hotels in Lappeenranta and Imatra region:
See timetable here for hotels in Rauha and Imatra.
See timetable here for hotels in Lappeenranta city center.

By taxi

Local taxis can be found at the taxi rank in front of the airport terminal when flights are due to arrive or depart. If you wish to book a taxi in advance or have special requirements, please make a reservation with TaksiSaimaa on tel. +358 (0) 200 60 400.

On foot

It is also easy to walk to the airport. The distance from Lappeenranta city centre is about 2 km, and the railway and bus stations are only 2.5 km away.

By train

Lappeenranta Airport is also accessible by train from Imatra and Kouvola. The railway station is only 2.5 kilometres from the airport. St Petersburg is less than two hours' train ride away from Vainikkala. Train timetables are available on the VR website.

Car rental

To rent a car, please visit the car rental websites:



Accommodation in Lappeenranta

Lappeenranta and the nearby area offer pleanty of opportunities for accommodation, choose the best for you from here.


Events in Lappeenranta

Lappeenranta and the nearby area are known for their cultural and other events, check the calendar for your travel dates here.


Tourist information center

Lappeenranta tourist information center
Kauppakeskus IsoKristiina, Brahenkatu 1
53100 Lappeenranta
Puh. +358 (0)5 667 788

Additional information and valid timetables for the flights - Lappeenranta Airport.
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